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At home with the kids? Don't worry, we're still in this together. Stay connected to your Faith Family through our kids community page!

Entrusted with Treasure

As parents, we are uniquely positioned to have the greatest impact in our kids' lives. Our heart is to partner with you in your journey and be the community you need to raise up your children in faith. We want to serve you by providing resources, support, and encouragement you might need this season.

We will be posting new lessons every Tuesday, until then please check out other resources below (click here):

Updated: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

1. Worship Together

Play some of the worship videos we've posted below. Why do we raise our hands? Why do we dance and sing? Why do we worship God? Model what real worship looks like and they will follow.

2. Learn Together

Watch the lesson this week and spend some time with each other learning God's Word. How do we read the Bible? What is God trying to teach us? Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.

3. Do Together

Our goal is to get our kids doing the Word of God. Let's help them apply God's Word in their lives by processing the Word (through discussion) and modeling the Word (through application). Please see the attached study guide for tips on practical application of today's lesson:

Other Available Resources

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Need someone to talk to?

Comm​unity is important when raising our children. There are times when we need a word of encouragement when the kids get overwhelming. Sometimes our kids will need a trusted, wise, Godly person to talk to when they are unable to talk to Mom and Dad. Wisdom comes when we surround ourselves with many counselors. If you need encouragement or a helping hand, please don't hesitate to contact our Ministry Leaders below:

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